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About DivineYu

About DivineYu Academy


DivineYu is the Academy for Naturo-Therapy

One of the World’s Most Advanced Self-Development Academies. Where ancient wisdom and modern science meet!

DivineYu is the Academy for Naturo-Therapy. It’s a holistic community interested in self-development. DivineYu is an oasis of peace, love and joy. We use a combination of spiritual teachings, energy therapies and healthy nutrition to help our clients to fully enjoy life and foster their well-being. Teachings applied in wellness services and presented at the seminars is based on ancient methods and modern science.

Why Choose Us

Our teachings are a universal language of joyful wisdom towards total freedom. We assist you on your path to enlightenment, that enables greater clarity, insight and wisdom.

The services offered are unique and powerful, based on the knowledge guarded for centuries, which transformed lives of thousands towards celebrating everyday experience.

You will be empowered to find your true self and enter into a harmonious relationship with the existence, thus resolving various physical or emotional conditions.

Advanced Naturo-Therapy Practices Program – up to 200 hours

Advanced Naturo-Therapy Program
Opening of the Chakras
8 Hours Seminar
Shamatha Meditation
16 Hours Seminar
Tune Into Abundance
8 Hours Seminar
8 Hours Certified Training
Therapy with Crystals
8 Hours Seminar
12 Hours Certified Training

DivineYu Academy