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Reiki Changed My Life

Reiki Changed My Life

Reiki Changed My Life

Sun. Sandy beaches. A bit of fun and relaxation in Mexico. That’s what I wanted. Or at least that’s what I thought I wanted. After all, vacation was just something I did to relax and get away. Leaving the cares and troubles of everyday life at home and drown the true issues in a large margarita. But the universe knew better and had a surprise waiting for me in that tropical resort city. For a reason I still don’t comprehend, I felt a sudden lack in my life halfway through my vacation—a craving for something I couldn’t understand.

Reiki Changed My Life

Why love empty space in atoms, when we can love the infinite energy that keeps those atoms alive and dancing in our hearts? – GM Brana

I remember leaving my friends at the bar and thinking as I walked back to my hotel that there must be something more to life. I’d like to say the universe heard my inner desires, but looking back, I think the universe already had this planned for me. The very next day I met the man who would alter my existence. We met on the beach and seemed to instantly know each other. We’ve all had that experience. At the time, I considered it a quirk—happenstance—but again in retrospect, I can only explain his showing up when he did as the universe in action. Not knowing me, he couldn’t know if I’d simply think he was a bit off, yet he bravely spoke to me about his own path of enlightenment over the next couple days. And of course, I did think he was a bit odd with his talk of reiki, meditation, and awareness. This world we live in tends to belittle such things as fringe, new-age, or even anti-religious in the extreme. Knowing no better, I found myself bemused with his talk of energy, yet he enthralled me nonetheless. When he offered a reiki treatment and guided meditation, I cordially accepted so as not to be rude, while deep inside I only humored him. What would be the harm? When it was finished, I would thank him and get back to living the life I had always understood. But the life I had lived and known up to that point was over!

The next evening, we walked to the end of a pier. He sat behind me and began my first, and most memorable, guided meditation. With nothing but the stars above and the waves lightly crashing against the pylons below, he took me on a journey which allowed me a taste of my true self. My first exposure to a world of infinite abundance and possibilities. The images and emotions I experienced through that meditation are as crisp and real to me today as they were that night. After the meditation, as he gently guided me back to the moment, I felt tears rolling down my cheeks. I’m still not sure whether those tears were produced from such a blissful moment or if it was the incredible joy of my soul being awakened from decades of slumber. Whatever the reason, I looked up at the stars and saw the Orion constellation. I understood at that moment my life would never, ever, be the same as it was only a half hour before. Him sharing this with me was like giving a sip of water to a man in the desert. A sip wasn’t enough. I wanted a glass…a pitcher…an entire river. How could I have gone through life not seeing or feeling any of this? How did I even make it this far being so vacant inside? Under his care and amazing energy, I experienced my first full reiki treatment the next evening and knew then I was destined to walk this path. Magical is a reasonable expression to use as I attempt to describe the last few days of my vacation, but it really falls flat. Life altering is much better.

As all vacations do, mine ended. We promised to stay in touch, but we all know how that goes. I wasn’t sure I’d actually see him again—this man who had changed my life so profoundly mere words are inadequate to describe the alteration. But again, the universe had intentions of its own. We stayed in touch, and he continued to inspire me mentally and spiritually. Through his inspiration, I became a GM at the academy. I continue to find new avenues to enrich me on this path. He became my best friend and mentor, teaching me things I need to know whether I like the lesson or not. He’s aware he has changed my life for the better, but I don’t think he comprehends exactly how profoundly his actions have affected me. This transformation he inspired within me now helps and motivates others around me. Through me, his inspiration is felt much further than he might have imagined. He has my unending and unconditional gratitude. Of course, I will continue to awaken, but today I live each day a little more aware than the day before. And others around me are awakening. All because the universe pulled two people who live thousands of miles apart together on a beach in Mexico. And one man who didn’t just look toward me…he looked at me.

David, California
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We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty… Maya Angelou

I was that caterpillar who had all the potential of being a beautiful butterfly, but I was too scared to leave the comfort of my cocoon. I had some inkling of what it could be if I just let go of my limiting beliefs of “I’m not enough” or “I can’t do it” or “I can’t be what I truly wanted to be”. This would happen when I read or heard the stories from other people. Yes, it inspired me and I would tumble and turn around in my cocoon, thinking that I, too, would soon be able to do what I’ve always dreamed of. But, after initial spurts of inspiration, it was too easy to fall back to the same old story that held me tight in its grip. My metamorphosis did not happen magically in one day. It took daily gentle reminders, daily practice and most of all it happened when I looked within myself and acknowledged the divinity that beats steadily deep in my innermost being. That divinity whose light shines with all its magnificence, the same light that we see and feel while looking up at the night sky, or walking in a forest, or seeing a baby smile, or holding our hands out to help others.

When I joined DivineYu and decided to go on the journey of the different levels of Reiki, I could see how I was gradually transforming. I would peek out of my cocoon and think life can be beautiful on the other side, but I had to go through some growth pains. And yes, the higher the level of Reiki, the growth pains were even stronger. But this time round, when I would stumble or fall, I did not curl up and say “I can’t do it”. Instead, I pushed myself a little bit more and geared up that inner strength. I knew that even if my Teacher had taught me the most wonderful teachings and lessons and gave me loving encouragements, if I didn’t put them in practice and believe in myself I would not be able to do what I so wanted to do, and that is be of assistance and help to people. To know that I had a way to help ease their pain, their sorrow, their stresses, and then buckle down because I didn’t have the confidence or doubted my capabilities, was not the path of a spiritual healer or teacher. How could I have learned all that I did, and then not share and give my best to the others? So I decided to finally let go – let go of that tight cocoon that was wrapping my true self, and I flapped my wings and flew into the person I’ve become.

Here is a message from the mother of a young boy who has ADHD, to whom I recently gave Reiki treatment: I cannot thank you enough. He really loved his session with you, he was so happy when he got into the car… telling me how ‘neat’ it was and how good he felt!!! He said a few times ‘I loved it’. So… thank you!!! We will definitely do another session soon. Not only does he want to come for more treatments, but his mother would like to have some Reiki too. Once you let go, and be a channel of pure light, life just opens up to your dreams. When I was at my dental hygienist, she and I were talking, and she wanted to have reiki treatment. She made an appointment with me two days later, and said she too loved the treatment, and wants to make another one, and tell her friends about it. When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” Lao Tzu And once you are out there flying with your wings in perfect harmony, with love of oneself and others on the one wing and humility and nobility on the other wing, I assure you that your flight will be pure bliss….. Ananda! With gratitude and love to all who have been a source of inspiration to me.

Seema, Saint Lazare

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