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Eight Degree DivineYu Reiki

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Touch Infinity!

Available to the Seventh Degree Masters of Reiki certified by the DivineYu Reiki Academy. This 2-day seminar is developed by GM Brana, MScEE with major in biomedical engineering. This advanced training material is unique and not available at any other Reiki school. You’ll receive a certificate in a DivineYu system of Reiki. In this seminar, you’ll learn adavanced skills on energy therapies.

In this seminar, you’ll learn: 

  • anatomy of the human body;
  • advanced energy centers;
  • what is light and how to use it;
  • cell level healing;
  • detailed steps to treat major conditions;
  • opening up new energy channels;
  • ancient knowledge of micro- and macro-cosmos; 
  • application of the universal laws: cause & effect; 
  • taming of ego, how to transform energies into positive;
  • self-realization and formula for happiness;
  • connect to your essence and manifest effectively;

Experience a major shift in your consciousness, deeply self-heal, understand how to better use Reiki and treat clients and life in general.