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DivineYu Reiki Grandmaster and Teacher

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Become a Reiki Grandmaster!

Available only to the Eight Degree Masters of Reiki certified by the DivineYu Reiki Academy. This 2-day seminar is developed by GM Brana, MScEE with major in biomedical engineering. Reiki 9 contains advanced training material, which is unique and not available at any other Reiki school. Upon completion, you will receive a Grandmaster Certificate in the DivineYu system of Reiki. This system of Reiki is not based on a particular religion, but an ancient knowledge closely connected with the scientific models of the universe creation. To be a DivineYu Reiki Grandmaster, one will need to demonstrate virtues, especially compassion and very advanced energy practice skills.

Duration: 2 days

  • How to Master Yourself;
  • Using Platonic Solids for Balancing and harmonization;
  • Practices for a Physical Harmony;
  • Energy Practices for an Emotional Balance and dissolving Negatively Charged Energy Fields;
  • Energy Practices for a Long Term Harmony;
  • Reiki 9 Energy Surgery;
  • Procedures for Creating Virtues;
  • What are the Emotional Larvae and how to dissolve them;
  • Determine Ego Challenges;
  • Pouring Divine Blessings;
  • Reiki Grandmaster Guidelines;
  • Reiki 9 initiations: Heart and Third Eye, Love and Wisdom;
  • Cellular vibration technique.


Fees: $ 350 + tax

DivineYu Reiki Grandmaster and Teacher