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Usui Reiki Level 1 - DivineYu Reiki Academy. Reiki Training Online 2

First Degree DivineYu Usui Reiki

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The class will be given in person in Ville Saint Laurent and online.

  • Learn how to self-heal
  • Balance your body, emotions and mind
  • Awaken two energy channels within you
  • Connect with a divine particle in you
  • Access an amazing free energy field
  • Attune into an unconditional love vibration
  • Learn about clinical trial results on Reiki
  • Tap into an amazing relaxation method
  • Discover the truth about naturo-therapies
  • Accelerate healing of your loved ones
  • Find your spiritual home
  • Learn why celebrities use Reiki for wellness and beauty
  • Receive a certificate recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association and the Canadian Naturo-Therapy Association
  • Learn the truth about the energy therapy

Upon completion, you will receive a First Degree Certificate in the DivineYu Usui system of Reiki from the DivineYu Reiki Academy. The First Degree of the Usui Reiki has no prerequisites. Even children can easily learn this technique, and apply it successfully.

Once attuned by a Reiki Master, Reiki will never leave you. Following your first degree attunement, you will be able to treat yourself, your family and friends, animals, plants, food and water. Reiki energy flows to the part of the body where it is needed the most. It builds confidence, brings peace and positive thinking, and can help to self-heal physical, mental and emotional conditions. Reiki is used in a combination with other therapies in many health and wellness institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation and mental care clinics, substance withdrawal clinics and senior care facilities.

Scientific results measured after Reiki sessions: reduced pain, reduced fatigue, reduced inflammation, normalized blood pressure, normalized body temperature, normalized heart beat, normalized respiration rate, balanced parasympathetic nervous system, improved energy, improved relaxation, reduced anxiety and worry, reduced depression, improved mood, improved sleep, reduced loneliness, improved attitude, improved memory, eased surgery pressure, improved behaviour, improved self-confidence, improved sense of calm, reduced burn-out of nurses and doctors, reduced side effects of cancer therapies, improved quality of life, improved well-being and more.

Reiki sessions demonstrated no negative, toxic side effects. This is in line with the natural therapy principles: “First Do No Harm” (primum non nocere), based on the Hippocratic Oath. READ MORE

Why choose us?

  • Study at the world’s leading Reiki Academy;
  • Learn about science, spirituality and self-healing techniques in Reiki;
  • Get a certificate recognized by the Canadian Reiki Association and the Naturo-therapy Association;
  • Became part of a growing and supporting community;
  • Connect directly with the Source, with no intermediaries;
  • Get free instructor-led practice sessions;
  • Learn from a Reiki teacher, who has a MSc degree in biomedical engineering;
  • Learn from to a Reiki teacher, who has recognized spiritual capabilities;
  • Get a life long spiritual teacher and mentor to help you overcame challenges;
  • Take steps towards your self-realization in a safe and nurturing environment;
  • Learn advanced cell level therapy procedures, not available elsewhere;
  • Get access to a large number of holistic events at discounted prices;
  • Benefit from a space designed as a sacred energy vortex;
  • Become involved in scientific studies on energy therapies;
  • Get support in becoming the best Reiki teacher you can be;
  • Get access to new methods, inspired healthy lifestyles and make informed choices;
  • Learn about the latest scientific discoveries;
  • Access to a wide range of holistic workshops;
  • Repeat the First Degree Reiki seminar as many times as you like.

Duration: 1 day.
Fees: $150+tax for new students of Reiki, and $100 for Reiki initiates from other Reiki schools.
Contact info@divineyu.com to register.
Please, e-transfer to transfer@divineyu.com $172.45

How to join this event online?

  1. On this event page, click on RSVP to reserve your place.
  2. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and open a web browser.
  3. Click on: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9074655172?pwd=MbT2GhE8xIhDeaqfSPdoKObZNGZR10.1
  4. Click on the Open Zoom Meetings button.
  5. When you log in please mute your speaker.
  6. You are welcome to enable your camera.
  7. There is a chat button for questions.


Fees: $ 150 + tax

First Degree DivineYu Reiki