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DivineYu Meditation Montreal

Online Meditation – Air Element

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Please, RSVP to attend.

5 meditations $50+tax. One meditation $15+tax.
Join us in on-line meditation room and interact with a spiritual community from home, apply self-care tools to uplift your spirit and balance your body, emotions and mind. Feel good!

From the comfort of your home meditate in a group every Wednesday at 7pm EDT. The event is hosted on-line, in a virtual room on the Internet! Open to all. There are no pre-requisites.

Connect with Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. It’s believed that subtle natural bodies of earth, water, air and fire are inherent to every being. Because of the current lifestyle, a particular work is needed to deepen our connection to them. The ancient myths talk about the Archangels connections to the elements of earth (Uriel, summer), water (Gabriel, winter), fire (Michael, autumn) and air (Raphael, spring) or Ange de la Terre, Ange de l’Eau, Ange du Feu, Ange de l’Air.

Wednesday Group Meditations: 7pm-8pm
Week 1: Awaken and Harmonize the Earth Element
Week 2: Awaken and Harmonize the Water Element
Week 3: Awaken and Harmonize the Fire Element
Week 4: Awaken and Harmonize the Air Element
Week 5: Awaken and Harmonize the Ether / Akasha Element

Earth Element
Connection with the Spirit of the Earth
First Chakra
Archangel Uriel
Light Carrier
Gnome Elementals
Tissues Balancing

You’re invited to bring your crystals to charge them. We’ll journey together with the Spirit of the Earth and Earth elementals (in legends they are called gnomes). The word Gnome comes from the Latin word gnoma which means “Knowledge”. The term Gnome is also derived from Latin genomus which means “Earth-dweller”. The concept of, and the name Gnome was coined by Paracelsus, a highly respected physician. He was also knowledgeable in the area of alchemy. We’ll be harmonizing: Grounding, Stability, Security, Safety, Foundations, Protection, Abundance in the Physical Plane, Wellness of the Physical body. The initiation into the connection with the Spirit of the Earth will be for you to keep, so that you can receive direct guidance and energy, wisdom of the plants and animals.

Water Element
Connecting to waters
Second Chakra
Archangel Gabriel
Spiritual Teacher
Feminine Aspects
Elementals undines

All organisms as well as our foods consist largely of water, which is essential to life on earth. The health of the organism depends upon the quality of the blood, and in like manner the health of the physical environment depends upon the quality of the water available. In our meditation, we’ll explore connection with all forms of water- oceans, rivers, creeks, rain, the sap in trees and plants, the unity between the waters of the body and the waters of the planet. It can be said that the circulation of water in nature is related to the circulation of the blood in the body. This meditation can help us to achieve a self-mastery and resistance to pain, as well as opening of our consciousness to understand and speak the worlds of wisdom.

Fire Element
Connecting to our inner fire
Third Chakra
Archangel Michael
Spiritual Warrior
Masculine Aspects
Elementals salamanders

Fire is sacred in many spiritual traditions, and has been used in religious rites for thousands of years. The warmth of the fire symbolized the fire of life, vitality in the material world, coming from all the forces of the cosmos. Fire, in scriptures, communicates the very presence of God. This is especially evident in the burning bush from which God spoke to Moses, described in the Old Testament and Koran. In the New Testament Paul describes the second coming of Christ as “in blazing fire”. In the Vedic scriptures, Agni, or Fire, is the messenger between the people and their Gods. Agni purifies all that he consumes. In Hinduism, fire is one of five sacred elements of which all living creatures are comprised and is considered an eternal witness essential to sacred religious ceremonies. In Christianity, fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit. In the Zoroastrian religion, fire is used to represent Ahura Mazda, or God of the Zoroastrians. Fire is universally associated with the sun and light. In Buddha’s teachings, light is the symbol of truth that dispels the darkness of ignorance. As a flame can pass from one candle to another, so too can truth be passed. Fire is an icon for enlightenment. Although fire is considered a very yang element in Chinese symbolism, it can exist in either a yang or a yin state because in Taoism all things have both a yin and a yang expression to create balance. Fire symbolism is related to the sun and the powers of transformation and purification. In our Fire Element meditation, we’ll became more receptive to the solar energies and establish a unity between the self and the Sun and distribute its power throughout the body. The Sun is an ever-present source of energy without which there would be no life on earth. We’ll meditate on the effects of solar rays within our body. We’ll accumulated solar forces in our solar plexus, and send them to all parts of our body. In this way, certain health conditions maybe placed in balance. Fire produces flame (light) and heat, two very useful properties in the natural world. We feed the body by taking in the Sun’s energy embodied in plants. We warm ourselves in the rays of the Sun. Emotion related to fire is happiness.

Air Element
Archangel Raphael
Spiritual Healer
Elementals sylphs

We share the same air. In this meditation, we’ll strive to became conscious of the dynamic unity between air and life and that breathing is the link between us and the universe. The atmosphere in surrounding nature and the air within the body have a great role in health and vitality. We’ll learn about different ways of breathing.

“From Atman did space come into being;
from space, air;
from air, fire;
from fire, the waters,
from the waters, the earth;
from the earth, plants;
from plants, food;
and from food, man…”
Taittirīya Upaniṣad

Ether / Akasha Element
Fifth Element
Akashic Record Oracle
Creating spiritual products and services