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Remote Reiki Exchange

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Exchange energy with Reiki practitioners, masters and grandmasters.

How to join this event?
1-On this event page, click on RSVP to reserve your place
2-Prepare a computer with Chrome. For desktop or laptop there is no need to download any program. Computer is a much better option than phone. For iPhone, please download the Avaya Spaces Application on your phone before the event.
3-Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and open Chrome or Firefox Internet browser. Currently the program is not available for Internet Explorer.
4-Click on: https://spaces.zang.io/u/info@divineyu.com
5-Enter your name as a Guest.
Pop up will appear asking you to allow audio and camera.
6-Click on allow, otherwise you will not be able to see or hear.
7-When you login please mute your microphone.
8-You are welcome to enable your camera.
9-There is a chat button on the right top corner for questions.