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Make This World A Better Place


Oh…. What a fantastic healing journey was 2021.  This Journey gave me the opportunity to find out what is my unicity,  what is the special gift I have and that I want to add to the world. As an art teacher, I used to think unicity as a color on a painting. Each and every color is important in order to create a masterpiece and when every color is shinning, we can see the world becoming a “MasterPeace”.

First, I would like to bring compassion and self-compassion to the world through the stories I write. I already published one of them a few days ago. It talks about a young girl who puts everything on her back until she finds herself sick and she understands that in order to help people she has to take on herself too. The other stories I want to publish is the Crab who thought he was sick and The dragon who found back his fire.

Second I would like to share my joy and my playfulness by telling stories with my little owl puppet named Chouchou.  I would like to go in schools and also through zoom or another platform.

Joy is a very powerful energy and I would like to spread it and hive it to the world.

Student 1

2021 The year of so many lessons, so many blessings! I share with you some that I went by, and which helped me make the world a better place:

Because we are one, the best thing we can do for the world is to work on our own evolution,

We should do whatever works for us to connect to the divine daily. Despite the fatigue (And because of the fatigue!) I managed to make room for my spiritual practice, which included a maximum of tools learned at the academy. Sometimes it would be meditating, walking in nature, sometimes practicing energy therapies, sometimes it would just be flooding my car with Drukmo’s mantras while driving to work or cleansing my home with high vibe frequencies. I understand the reason why I could help sick friends and family was because of those waves of discipline and self-compassion that helped me cover my own needs first; we cannot pour from an empty cup!

Stop Trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts and the world will govern itself.

Instead of wishing for things to be different and accepting that all things change, I realized that EVERYTHING that happened to me was a blessing, and every obstacle held a treasure. So, I accepted to flow with what was as much as I could. I stopped being nostalgic about the time in my life when I had all the time in the world for my spiritual practices and I decided to include my little one in them even if it meant less concentration but lots of satisfaction in knowing she will have these tools at her young age.😊

Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world

After trying different places and modalities of the same job and switching workplace 3 times in less than a year, 2021 was the year when I finally fell in love with my job. (After 17 years feeling stuck!). I finally decided to bloom where I was planted and see it as a blessing; to spread bits of good in many ways and forms and bring all the love and light I could which  included sneaking-in spirituality every single hour, every single lesson.😊

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor

In my personal life, I decided to speak up more and to harmonize the rumor and discrediting talks by remembering that the truth that people perceive is affected by who they are and that people are always doing the best they can with what they have. At work, I helped start off an inclusion project club for our big community from 67 different backgrounds.

The trouble is you think you have time

Truth is, we never know how much time we have on earth, why wait until the perfect conditions are there? We don’t have to be an expert nor a saint to start helping. 😊 This year I completed a WFPB diet certificate and started helping a former colleague on her weight loss journey through a plant-based diet. By helping her, an ”Optimal Health Holistic Program” through plant-based diet (with weight loss being a second effect) was born.

Be open to learn, unlearn and relearn

I keep discovering new truths and new ”onion layers” are constantly being peeled off, but I am grateful, serene and patient in knowing that this is my life and there will always be lessons and tests to keep me evolving, the important thing is to apply all what we’ve learned so far.

“Always choose love”.

Working on my own shadows and accepting them with love was the only way I found to accept and forgive the ones other people have; (we cannot give what we don’t have!) I  had the opportunity to belittle the person who has hurt me the most in my life, but I chose love to solve the conflict recognizing that he was being a great teacher for me at that point. So yes, when in doubt, always choose love and you will never regret!

Wishing you all lots of love and blessing and a blissful 2022! xo

Student 2

Through learning how to care and help myself with Reiki and meditation, I started helping and introducing all my loved ones as well as anyone in need of receiving. I then thought about how to expand this compassion with others. Through positive local community influence and my own examples, I started showing others the path of loving-kindness. Introducing virtues to embody, the fruits of their self-practice are expanding and removing blockages in their lives that was once their wishes. Understanding the path of selflessness, generosity, and compassion for all life, what was once dark is now illuminating on a bright path.

Student 3

As a caregiver, I have been helping the elderly for a long time with their day-to-day lives. Taking care of others is dear to my heart. Once I was introduced to Reiki, I started learning and practicing with my close family. I was able to be more compassionate towards myself and others, and started to give my expanded family as well as my elderly clients any loving-kindness they need. My selflessness grows even more, and I am very grateful for the heartfelt generosity and positive impact on their lives.

Student 4

It is humbling to see the sparkle in someone’s eyes when they realize you are doing something kind for them; it opens both of our hearts.

This year I wanted to connect more through my heart.  In general, my process has been a slow one, often feeling drained when trying to be helpful.  Also, over the years, I was generally more in my head and only sometimes in my heart.  I wanted to offer more without my body and mind feeling drained in the process.

This spring, the answer to this dilemma appeared quite naturally after the Holy Fire online workshop in April. I was inspired to learn that World Peace crystal girds are buried at both Poles and other strategic spots around the globe, each emitting their own energy for peace.  I was so inspired; I decided to create a crystal grid to lend support to those needing help.

I started using the grid I created to send energy to anyone who asked me for help, and I also offered this energy, when I realized someone was needing help.  Over the months, the grid evolved to include sending energy to the earth’s oceans, it’s nature, plants and animals, and all beings.  My holy-fire-inspired energy grid is my tiny contribution to help make the world a better place.

And during this process, I have been graced with an extraordinary feeling of inner peace. It started soon after the first weekend retreat in Bolton, Quebec, back in July.  I had brought an amethyst crystal with me to the retreat to connect with the grid and continue sending energy back home.  This inner calmness developed even more following the Shamata online meditation workshop I took in the autumn.  Humbled during my meditations, an extraordinary space of calmness and inner peace has opened up, and there is no other way to describe it; it simply feels like home.

Peace and love to all

Student 5

Making this world a better place.

I found it hard to start writing this article.  It’s not that I’ve not contributed to making this world a better place in my own way, but it’s different to spontaneously do the act from love and compassion, versus having to re-cite your actions.  It feels weird and I honestly needed some help to get the juices flowing, so I spoke to a friend to give me her thoughts.  She gave me some examples, and she explained how she saw me as a loyal, patient and generous person who would do anything to help out her family and friends in time of need, and how she appreciated having me as a friend.  What a true gem she is, I am so glad I have her in my life as a good friend.

Below are examples of some minor ways I’ve been able to contribute in to making this world a better place this year.

2021 New Year’s Day:

The year 2020 was not the best year with Covid-19, and seeing that we could not spend 2021 New Year’s together indoors as a family, as we do every year, we decided to meet outdoors at a local park on New Year’s day and play bocce.  We were all comfortable with that.   I wanted to do something special, seeing that it was a tough year… That morning, I spontaneously decided to prepare a fresh batch of various cookies that I knew my family liked, so I can bring them to the park.  The timing was very tight, but I somehow managed to make it in a reasonable time.  The cookies were hot out of the oven.  I packed my trunk with champagne and freshly made orange juice to make mimosa, eggnog, coffee, tea, chocolates, nuts, speakers to play festive music, and much more.  We were not missing anything…  However, I was not quite sure how to serve it all; it was so last minute, I still had the cookies in their oven trays.  In the end, it just seemed easy enough to simply open my trunk and have a tail gate party… why not!!  I even brought paper bags for each to bring any leftovers back with them (which there was plenty).  It was so much fun and a very nice surprise for all, as we conversed in a large circle, had something to eat and drink, and enjoyed each other’s company before playing bocce in the park.  It felt festive to have our version of a tail gate party.  It was a memorable day, one amongst the many to remember, and we definitely made the best of a not so great situation.  It was a great day full of joy and good memories!

A Friend in Need:

I believe Covid-19 had driven my friend, who lives alone, into depression.  It seemed that she was letting herself go and not taking care of herself and her apartment, not feeling as happy there anymore.  She had loved her place and she was not being herself, something was off.  She’s a proud and a very intelligent person and I think this pandemic unfortunately got the best of her.  Her sister-in-law was supposed to help her clean the apartment, and then her niece was going to do it for a fee, and then finally when nothing materialized, she was looking to hire someone to clean her 450 sq ft. apartment for over $1000.  I freaked!!  That was way too much for a small place…  She was not herself and I believe she was being taken advantage of, and I could not bear the thought of that happening.  It was an insane fee and she was about to do it.  She was not in her right state of mind… so I spontaneously offered to clean her place for free; in return, I asked that she continue to maintain her apartment afterwards.  She was thrilled with the offer.  It took a good part of the day, but it was all done and she was very happy with the outcome and so grateful for the help.  I had not thought of it at the time, but I truly think it meant more to her to have someone she knows help with the apartment, rather than strangers.  It was really nice to see my friend after so long due to the pandemic, we talked on the phone a lot, but seeing each other in person soothes the soul.  I was so happy to see her enjoying her place again.  She’s a good friend, it meant so much to see her feel empowered again and in a better state of mind.  This was the help I think she needed to get herself back, and I was so pleased to be a part of it in whatever way I can!!

Sibling going through a tough time:

A family member was recovering from cancer during Covid-19 last year.  It was a very sad year.  It was a difficult time, for them and for the whole family during the lockdown.  What a time to be diagnosed with cancer.  I wanted so much to do something for their family, but my hands were tied during the pandemic.  I would help out with occasional groceries, but I wanted to do so much more, but they didn’t want to bother others too much and I had to learn to respect that… It was not an easy period for anyone.  They went through a really tough period on their own, and thank God they got through it!!  This year, I made a point of visiting them regularly throughout the year, with a healthy batch of home-made cookies/cakes, a thermos of tea and a thermos of coffee to go with dessert.  It became a ritual whenever we would get together, I loved doing it for them, and they seemed to look forward to it.  I would often make extra and leave the desert behind, so they can have it during the week (one less thing for them to have to bake).  I know they would try to eat healthy, so this was right up their alley.  I was so pleased to make their lives a little easier in whatever small way; they deserve so much more.   We would often go for hikes or walks through the trails, so I would bring my backpack and carry the dessert and two thermos’ full of coffee and our favorite tea.  It was a treat to sit down in the middle of our 5K walk to take a break and share a hot drink and healthy snack in nature.  It was real fun and they enjoyed it, as did I.  During the summer, I tried something new… I made homemade fruit sorbets; it was cherry, pineapple, raspberry, mango or banana with some almonds – nothing more.  It turned out really good.  They loved it and I would make a good batch for them to have in their freezer.  It was light and refreshing during the summer.  It warmed my heart to share new recipes with them and to see them enjoying something nutritious.  They often made comments on how well taken care of they were this year and how much they appreciated it…. If they only knew how much it lit my heart to hear them say that… they mean the world to me!!

Giving back:

It has been tough for all of us these past couple of years, and I realize that I am more fortunate than others, and so I wanted to do something special this year.  I decided to make a few donations to some charities to help others in need.  That included helping a young family celebrate a better XMAS this year; helping women in homeless shelters, and a larger donation went to supporting Tibetan children with their needs and education.  I was so pleased to be able to participate in some way to help others, and make their lives a bit better this year.  God knows we all deserve so much love and kindness during these times.

Sending much joy and healing to everyone!!  God Bless!!

Student 6

How did I make this world a better place?

I cannot think of a major event in which I have made the world a better place, but rather of tiny instances of my interaction with it, of my growing understanding of why I chose to live in it, and by opening myself to see it as a beautiful manifestation of the divine, a womb in which we are provided the elements to sustain our physical form, the guidance to remember our divine origin and the indestructible umbilical cord which keeps us connected to the source’s constant agape love.

So how did I make this world a better one? Working in a museum for many years, I have welcomed, smiled at, helped, laughed with and shared the stories of thousands of people daily. I have been given the gift of rescuing three beautiful baby cats. They have purred their joy with me for seven years now, and thought me to accept, work with and heal my anxiety. They have opened my heart in hard to describe in words way, so since then I walk in the world more aware of how our decisions can change someone’s life for better or for worse. They have inspired me to volunteer for a cat shelter, and change the lives of many stray cats by finding loving families for them and do the post adoption follow-ups.

I took for many years photos of landscapes in all four seasons, of birds, insects, but mainly flowers and grew fascinated by the magical expression withheld in every instant. I have witnessed this world’s potential to bloom perfection, reinvent itself, and always give. In my numerous walks in nature, I hugged trees and thanked them for their wisdom. Them too knew how to take my anxiety away. Nature healed me and it now teaches me ways to heal others in return. It inspired me to learn more about its hidden plant treasures, and I have started to learn herbalism.

I have planted for quite a few years now a little ‘’heaven’’ on my balcony with basil, parsley, chive, tomatoes, peppers and lavender. This is my tiny seed which I hope one day will become a bigger garden and a way to self-sustainability, which will help me teach people about plants and how to befriend nature again.

In this little garden, I shared many moments of true friendship; I am continuously present for people in my life as well as for anyone who smiles and wants to talk to me in my travels. I shared food and kind thoughts and intentions with whoever felt in need.

I have made this world a better place by opening to its present moment, accepting its transformation, its paradigms, by walking through it with blessing eyes, hands and feet and acknowledging it as a gift for which I continuously learn to be grateful for.

Student 7

How do I make a world a better place?

I start with myself. When I have peace, love and harmony inside I can share them with others and by doing this I make the world a better place.
When we don’t have peace and love within us we cannot help others in a profound and authentic way. We can only give what we have.
By finding the path to myself I help others to find their own paths which are unique for everyone, but that beginning where we come to within us is one for everyone.

Student 8

Make this World a Better Place

These past weeks, we have been preparing our house to sell, for showing and new beginnings. We have always believed that the purpose of our being, was to be in the service of others. From feeding the homeless of downtown Montreal on Sundays, as well as on Mother’s Day as a present to me, or remotely heading a project in Guatemala, so that one family can have their very own chicken farm for financial support during the worst months of 2020. We believe that no matter how many doors have been closed due to this pandemic, God always opens more than enough windows, and all we need to do is look outside the four walls, to see a waiting world desperate for our help.

We have not only been preparing for a new life together in a new home and school, but also a new life, where we follow the flow of love and light destined to reach those in need. For us, our faith in ourselves and our trust in God, have constantly been confirmed by the call from those in need.

The biggest surprise to‐date was with our plans to elope the weeks of January 2nd to the 16th 2022. Since we are not in want of much, we did not plan for an elaborate wedding; something small and spiritual was all we asked. Little did we know that our friends, the Mayan community of Sejolobob Guatemala had other plans…

During most of 2021, we had been funding and preparing for a water treatment facility to be installed at the home of our dear friend Rosendo, who lives in the rural community of Chahal, Guatemala. Our charity have been providing water filters to this and other Mayan villages for quite a few years now, but this facility is the first of its kind there. The purpose is to filter and bottle water at the source, then distribute it freely to as many communities as possible. These 18L bottles would be reused and refilled over and over, providing a constant flow of fresh contaminant‐free water, free of charge for years to come. For other communities who can afford to pay a small fee, a charge will asked, in order for new funding to return to the community helping in economical growth. As of now, these communities pay a hefty price for the “clean” water they receive. However, once the machine is up and running, they will no longer have to worry. Since it can produce about 1800L of water an hour, the quantity, and rapidity at which the genuinely clean water can be distributed, is truly exceptional.


Rosendo and his family with the new water installation machines

The gratitude that the village of Sejolobob feels for our love and compassion to the Mayan people, have so moved them to turn our simple little elopement, into a full‐blown wedding, officiated by the leaders of the Mayan community and its inhabitants, to be held on a site only ever occupied by the Mayans themselves. We will be the first non‐Mayan people to be wed on their land.

For 21 years Guatemala had called to me, a place to which I have always felt was a second home. And now, I can honestly say, that not only am I going “home” for the first time, but being greeted with open arms, by singing, dancing and music playing.

Our goal has always been to bring as much access to clean water as possible, to those who suffer from malnutrition and disease, making them very sick. We take for granted how much clean water Canada has, even with the simple act of brushing our teeth. And so, along with the water project, we will be introducing to the communities the concept of W.A.S.H. (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene). We will be bringing with us enough toothbrushes for the entire community of Sejolobob as well as instructions to make their own natural toothpaste and home remedies to help improve their overall physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

We have many dreams to be of help to these wonderful people, and to spread this love to many countries. We have learned that when the heart is open to the world, the world will follow this beacon of light and return to it. We have recently been approached by communities in Tanzania as well as Haiti to implement the water project, and so 2022 will be a year of study and adventure towards other corners of a world in need calling to us.

All this touches our heart very deep; and so, when we return from Guatemala, we will not only plan for future adventures outside our home of Canada, but within as well. Including feeding the poor in downtown Montreal on Sundays, as well as connecting with the Aboriginals of Canada’s North, since for them access to water is equally an issue. Centuries of distrust against them, have led to many challenges in accepting support; however, with God leading the way, we are certain, as with the Guatemalan, Haitians and Tanzanians, the Canadian Aboriginals will see our beacon of hope.

We pray that being an example of Love and Compassion will help plant the seeds to all those we encounter, from those who have forgotten the true meaning of love, to the universal law of Oneness and Agape Nature.

Thank you so very much for allowing us the opportunity to share our story Love

Student 9 & 10


I run a Separated/Divorced and Widowed Group, helping individuals that are starting over after their new chapter in life.
I’ve helped a woman to set her up for online paying her bills, discussed how to join events in the group.
I’ve helped review the Affidavit/Case Conferences for several people in the group to help them know what to ask and expect beyond their lawyers sharing information with them.
I purchase groceries for different Single Moms every month.

I helped my friend in providing him a place to stay to be able to not stay in jail, became his Surety, being responsible for him to obey his curfews/rules put upon him (unfortunately, he didn’t behave and ended up in jail for a month and in rehab for another month). This individual ended up robbing me, while he was in jail I was using his yurts and I found the items he stole from me there, and my girlfriend said just take it, as it’s yours. I said NO, I don’t want to stoop to his level. Just this month in December he apologized for being horrible to me, I told him I forgave him and know that isn’t the person I know and that he was just going through a rough time.

One of the single mom’s that I’ve helped a few times, came back to ask me if I could help her get boots, hat and gloves and I tried asking my neighbours if they might have anything to give for her 9 year old boy, but then nobody responded, so I went out and spent the money to purchase the necessity for the little boy.

As well, helped my Comedian friend to book events to help him make some money.

In June of this year, a friend of mine was dealing with cancer and as he was going through treatments I was there supporting him, thankfully he became cancer-free in just months of being diagnosed.
Supported 2 of my employees that were dealing with difficult health issues this year (but this is part of my job).
I think that is all of the kindness/blessings I have shared with others this year in 2021.

Kind regards,

Student 11

How I believe I make the world a better place. ❤

Making the world a better place for me starts with sharing your love and light with everyone through silence, intention, thoughts, reiki energy and actions.

I think sometimes when we think about making the world a better place we often tend to think only of grandiose gestures and forget about the importance of things closer to home and everyday, simple, little gestures. Instead, we are waiting and planning for when they can act to make the entire world a better place.

Some people want to help the kids in Africa, which is absolutely a wonderful thing, and yet they are not kind to their neighbours or talk bad about other people’s children. Some people give everything to their families which is wonderful but are not so generous and kind to other families around them. Many people often have pity on others so they give out of pity and yet have no empathy for others.

Besides me sending reiki energy every day to my family and friends in need,  I also believe that I make the world a better place because I try and spread light and love to anyone that crosses my path even strangers. I  believe that in such a fast paced society,  so many people feel alone and invisible and they need others to help them remember that they are spiritual beings and that they are never alone.

Therefore when I pass by a homeless person I try and look at them, acknowledge them and say hello or share some food that I have picked up at the store. Or when I’m at a store, I pick up a hat or gloves during the winter months to give to them as I’m passing by. I then send reiki energy, even to those who do not see me.

When I see a sad person sitting on the metro or bus, I take a moment to look at them and send them reiki energy. I do the same for a crying child that I don’t know, or a youth who looks like they are lost and roaming the downtown streets. Everyone deserves help and positive energy, even if they have made mistakes in the past, and especially if they have not mistakes but those around them have and resulted in hardship for them.

When someone has been brought to justice to serve their sentence for having committed a crime. I don’t cheer and celebrate with others. Instead, I send Reiki energy to both sides of the families because I’m aware that both sides of the family are grieving and suffering.

When I meet people in the service industry, I try to always acknowledge them and say “Hello,” whether it is a cleaning lady, a cashier, a waiter, bus boy etc. I always ask how they are doing and send them reiki as they are speaking to me.

Our neighbor’s Golden Retriever dog turned 17 in 2021. We saw her grow since she was a puppy. She was always an active,  social and loving dog. This year I could see at her Birthday that she was very very tired and I had this feeling that she was ready to go back home. I sat next to her all night and gave her reiki while she was licking me all night. Every morning I would think of her and send her Reiki energy. A couple of months later, we received news that she peacefully passed away. I had a dream about her a few days before. Whenever I think of her, she still warms my heart.

I also try to share and give all year round. So I constantly go through my things, food cupboards and clothes at home and every couple of months I donate what can help others to various charity organizations.

I try to make reiki a daily practice and send energy and good thoughts at the moment I see or think about the person. I try to make it a daily practice to spread reiki energy wherever my steps go.


Student 12

It’s a strange story but as a child, I was not kind. I just felt the other person disappointment and so, I would change my actions according to the emotion I felt. But not because I was kind, just because I wanted this emotion to stop giving me a hard time!

And one day, I was in a theater with my friend and his father and I won a poster of the show at the end! My friend asked me if she could take it and I said no, because I really loved the show and wanted something to remember it. And she was not disappointed, she was sad. And so, I was sad. But I said no anyway, because it was mine. But a few seconds after saying no, I had an idea. I took a picture of the poster, to be able to draw it later and gave the poster to her. She was so happy, and I felt this happiness, more than the sadness and I cried. Her father asked me why I was crying and I was not able to answer, but I was happy (I remember this feeling very well)

In my memory, it was the first time I was so happy about making another human being happy.

It’s not an epic story, I did not save any life, but it was the beginning of me, understanding why kindness was necessary; it creates pure unconditional love and gratefulness and nothing feels better than that.

I’m still not a kind person (or at least, I don’t try to be one)

But I believe in my work as a bridge between me and the public (I’m an actress).

I believe I can use reiki while playing, to create this momentum where everything and everyone is aligned and understand everything, without having to think about it and that, we can heal ourselves as a group, with that particular moment (or use this pure love energy to heal something else). I don’t directly heal people, but I’m trying to grow with them and share all of my energetic-self with them while playing on stage. And people feel it ! They just don’t know how to name it because we never used words. I can’t, either, but I’m feeling it, more and more, every day of my life when I create something. I feel blessed and happy when you feel blessed and happy, and it’s even better when you’re feeling the same!

That’s it! that was my story.

Student 13

To rise every day to the first appearance of light in the sky, welcoming a new dawn.

My morning is filled with gratitude and tribute to my ancestors, a sense of

indebtedness for my powers.

My presence is grounded on a dancing earth, existing in an infinite universe

connected to the constellations of time.

My creation is an expression of my worth, art is the universal language of humankind.

My body is my secret temple, I am one with the source, a vessel of infinite blessings.

My spirit is burned by the fire of passion and roses, a warrior of Love with a message of peace.

My soul is longing for the warmth of the sun, a safe place called home.

My heart is showered with everlasting love, angels and guides leading the path of ascending.

My words are a reflection of my thought and values, only the wise will comprehend.

My eyes gaze at the world with mercy and grace, my dreams are infused with hope

and faith.

My hands are open to give and share with the world, a universal law of nature give

 and you shall receive.

My existence is protected by joy and bliss, the power of transcendence is within reach

perseverance is the key.

My evening consist of connecting an additional piece to the puzzle of my mysterious

life, thrilled for more paying

Attention to my dreams since revelations are made in the mist of the night. A voice in
the wind whispering the secret of life

” Be love, it’s all there is. ” Speechless at the disclosure reminding me of the beauty in

Happy New Year !!!

Student 14

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