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Past Life Regression Therapy Seminar


Past Life Regression Therapy

Learn how to access your subconscious memories without any hypnosis.

  • Get information about the latest scientific research in the field of past lives, near death experiences and afterlife.
  • What different scriptures describe.
  • Dissolve your fear of death.
  • Became a regression therapist.
  • Resolve fears.
  • Understand your life’s mission.

Usually this kind of treatment is called the past life therapy. Certain doctors, therapists and scientists who are studying reincarnation, have shown that the events of past lives can affect health, financial success, behavior and outlook of individuals in the present. Any fear or negative pattern of behavior always has a cause, which lies in the past, in childhood, fetal period or in past lives. This causal mechanism in the esoteric science is called Karma.

The regression therapy is based on re-living of events by the patients under the supervision of the therapist, bringing forward memories that are normally blocked from his mind, but stored in his or her subconscious mind. Once the patient understands the cause of the condition, the condition completely disappears.


The regression therapy allows the patient to remember the relationships that he had with various people in previous lives. This helps in solving many social conflicts and improves personal relationships with certain people. Today, the regression therapy is one of the most promising and emerging trends, giving unique and stable therapeutic results.

What problems does the regression therapy solve?

  • Fears and phobias of different nature;
  • Anxiety;
  • Negative behaviors;
  • Failed business and personal relationships;
  • Psychological problems with relatives;
  • Inability to reach self-realization.

Fees= $150+tax.

Contact  info@divineyu.com to enroll in this Seminar. You may have the option to join the Web Seminar.