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Five Buddha Families Class

About Instructor

There have been many beings who achieved Buddhahood in the past, and you can do it too. They all realized the primordial wisdom beyond consciousness. Connect with the five Buddha Families, learn mantras and mudras that call their wisdom, how to recognize them, and resolve inner obstacles that lead to a more peaceful and happy life, and eventually to the end of suffering and the karmic cycle.

How to join this event on-line?

  1. On this event page, click on RSVP to reserve your place.
  2. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and open a web browser.
  3. Click on: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9074655172?pwd=MbT2GhE8xIhDeaqfSPdoKObZNGZR10.1
  4. Click on the Open Zoom Meetings button.
  5. When you log in please mute your speaker.
  6. You are welcome to enable your camera.
  7. There is a chat button for questions.
Start On December 3, 2023
Duration 3 hours
Academy DivineYu
Time 10 AM - 1 PM
Location Online
Five Buddha Families Class December 3rd
Price $76.54

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