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Make Happiness Your Habit

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This class is guaranteed to bring you more happiness within 2 weeks from taking the class or your money back!

What is happiness? How our choices, nature of the universe, beliefs, virtues, desires, emotions, thoughts, words and our past affect our happiness. What causes happiness? Is happiness conditioned by pleasure? Can we achieve permanent happiness or eternal bliss?


    • Perspective from different ancient scriptures and latest science.
    • Get the keys to happiness.
    • Understand how to balance emotions and mind to experience more happiness.
    • Discover and take actions that make you happy.
    • Develop your individual formula for happiness.
    • Tune into your true-self consciousness to experience alignment.
    • Learn which foods improve our mood.
    • Dissolve emotional baggage.
    • Individual and group exercises.
    • Happiness is a pleasant state of well-being ranging from contentment to bliss.
    • You hold the key to lasting happiness.
    • Open the door to live your life with gratitude, universal love and joy.
    • Awaken your inner child.
    • Learn how to trust your balanced and harmonious self.
Start On July 16, 2022
Duration 1 day
Time 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location Online
Academy DivineYu
Price $150.00

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