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Primordial Wisdom of Five Buddha Families Meditations

About Instructor

There have been many beings who achieved Buddhahood in the past, and you can do it too. They all realized the primordial wisdom beyond consciousness. Connect with the five Buddha Families, learn mantras and mudras that call their wisdom, how to recognize them, and resolve inner obstacles that lead to a more peaceful and happy life, and eventually to the end of suffering and the karmic cycle.

Week 1
Ratna (Jewel) Family
Boddhisattva: Ratnapani with consort Mamaki
Element: earth
Color: gold, yellow
Position: south
Wisdom: equanimity
Cure for greed and pride
Season: autumn
Bija: Tram
Enriching, increasing, and fulfilling wishes

Week 2
Vajra Family
Boddhisattva: Vajrapani with consort Locana
Element: water
Color: blue
Position: east
Wisdom: reflection
Cure for aggression, aversion, anger, hate
Season: winter
Bija: Hum
Pacifying, accepting

Week 3
Padma (Lotus) Family
Boddhisattva: Avalokitesvara with consort Pandara
Element: fire
Color: red
Position: west
Wisdom: observation
Cure for desire-attachment, selfishness
Season: summer
Bija: Hrih

Week 4
Karma Family
Boddhisattva: Visvapani with consort Green Tara
Element: air/wind
Color: green
Position: north
Wisdom: perfect practice
Cure for jealousy and envy
Season: spring
Bija: Ah
Fearlessness, protection

Week 5
Buddha Family
Boddhisattva: Samantabhadra with consort Dharmadhatvishvari
Element: space
Color: white
Position: central
Wisdom: the essence of the Dharma
Cure for ignorance or delusion
Bija: Om
Turning the wheel of dharma

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Start On October 25, 2023
Duration 1 hour
Academy DivineYu
Time 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Location Online
Online Meditation Package October 25, November 1, November 8, November 15 and November 22
Price $47.84

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