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Reiki for Elderly


Reiki for Elderly

Because of its simplicity, effectiveness and versatility, Reiki is a therapy that has found favor with many elderly people worldwide. All types of imbalances and pains can be managed by proper Reiki techniques. Receiving Reiki will not only provide a level of energy and relaxation, but will also address the emotional nourishment the elderly need – all through the simple act of touch.

Mainstream medicine does not have an answer for all diseases. Economic considerations and side-effects of conventional medicines also drive the elderly, towards exploring complementary therapies that address their well being and are compatible with the medical treatment. Some elderly people are lonely – many live without a partner and family near by. The lack of touch contributes to physical decline and weakens the immune system.

Seniors reported feeling safe, loved and grounded when receiving Reiki energy. Many hospitals, physician offices, medical clinics, universities and schools of medicine in USA are researching, developing and implementing departments or divisions encompassing Reiki therapy methods.


Improve your quality of life by integrating bi-weekly Reiki sessions. Elderly, their children and nurses can be easily trained in Reiki so the person in need can receive daily Reiki. We serve individuals, pallative care and retirement organizations.

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