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21 Taras Meditations - Online Meditations

21 Taras Meditations

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On Wednesdays at 7pm in June of 2021, DivineYu is hosting on-line 21 Taras Meditations. $55 for all 5 meditation or $15+tax for a drop-in class. Join us in on-line meditation room and interact with a spiritual community from home, apply self-care tools to uplift you! Open to all. There are no pre-requisites.

Tara is the most beloved female deity in Tibetan Buddhism, revered for her swiftness in helping those who rely on her. She is the protectress of earthly travel, as well as of spiritual path to enlightenment. Tara is considered as the mother of all the Buddhas. She is the female aspect of the universe, which gives birth to warmth and relief from bad karma. She has compassion for all beings as a mother does for her children.

Mantra is protection for our mind. Mantras dissolve external influences and bring us to the primordial consciousness, where wisdom and understanding of wisdom dwells.

June 9: White Tara

Blessings that help longevity and happiness, purity, truth, guides one to acquire merit that results in well-being. / Om Tare Tu Tare Ture Mama Ah Yuh Pune Jana Putim Kuru Soha

June 16: Blue Tara

Removes obstacles, protects, improves karma by preventing wrong actions, illuminating the right path. / Om Tare Tuttare Ture Shinting Kuru Soha and Om Bhim Tare Vrim Soha

June 23: Red Tara

Attracts love, fosters transformation and courage, manifestation. / Om Tare Tam Soha

June 30: Golden Tara

Attracts good luck, represents primoradial wisdom of equanimity, giver of wealth. / Om Tare Tutarre Ture Pushtim Kuru Soha

We’ll also learn Tibetan Medicinal Matras for addressing various conditions and the Medicine Buddha Mantra.

Please, prepare a glass bottle of spring water to energize it for your well-being.

How to join this event on-line?

  1. On this event page, click on RSVP to reserve your place
  2. Prepare a computer with Chrome. For desktop or laptop there is no need to download any program. Computer is a much better option than phone. For iPhone, please download the Avaya Spaces Application on your phone before the event.
  3. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and open Chrome or Firefox Internet browser. Currently the program is not available for the Internet Explorer.
  4. Click on: https://spaces.zang.io/u/info@divineyu.com
  5. Enter your name as a Guest.
    Pop up will appear asking you to allow audio and camera.
  6. Click on allow, otherwise you will not be able to see or hear.
  7. When you login please mute your speaker.
  8. You are welcome to enable your camera.
  9. There is a chat button on the right top corner for questions.


Fees: $55 (tax included)

Ticket for attending 5 Taras Meditations


Fees: $15 + tax

Ticket for attending single Tara Meditation Event