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Ancient Andean Master Shamanic Practices

Ancient Andean Master Shamanic Practices

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This class will be hosted on-line. Learn how the Andean Masters cultivated heart wisdom as a way of life. Learn how to use the Andean Shamanic Medicine Wheel for therapies. Experience ancestral lineage clearing, pachamama ceremony, dance to connect with energy of the Andean sacred animals like the astral llama, the celestial amaru, the solar puma, the sacred condor and the golden hummingbird. Benefit from connecting with energy vortexes like Machu Picchu. Connect with wisdom field that resulted from the solar initiation of the ancient inka masters.

Fees are $150+tax.
E-transfer $172.45 to transfer@divineyu.com
Upon your registration, you will receive a link to follow the class.


Fee: $ 150 + tax

Ancient Andean Master Shamanic Practices