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Eight Degree DivineYu Reiki

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Touch Infinity!

Available to the Seventh Degree Masters of Reiki certified by the DivineYu Reiki Academy. This 2-day seminar is developed by GM Brana, MScEE with major in biomedical engineering. This advanced training material is unique and not available at any other Reiki school. You’ll receive a certificate in a DivineYu system of Reiki. In this seminar, you’ll learn adavanced skills on energy therapies.


Setting goals
7 Principles of the Universe- Truths & Paradox
Visible World: Vibrations, Light, Photons, Sources of Light,
Thermodynamics, Micro-Matter: Atoms, Macro-Matter: Galaxy, Energy Field,
Elements, Alchemy, Substances, Singularity, Matter States, Ancient
Elements, Platonic Solids, Order in Nature, Doctrine of Signatures, Micro
and Macro Cosmos, Photosynthesis, Bio-photons, Light Quotes, Evolution,

Lunch Break, 12:30-1:30pm

Invisible World: Sound, The First Word, Creation, Polarity (Duality),
Formula for Happiness, Positively Charged Field, Negatively Charged Field,
The Power of Thoughts, The Power of Love, Taming of Ego, 4 Components in
Self-Realization, Cause and Effect Principle. Human Anatomy: Health
Condition Statistics, Cells & Tissues, Integumentary System, Skeletal
System and Joints, Muscular System, Nervous System, Endocrine System,
Circulatory System, Lymphatic System, Respiratory System, Digestive
System, Urinary System, Reproductive System. 3D videos of our anatomy
functions, with excellent graphics and explanations.


Reiki 8 Method: Chakras, Reiki Energy, Reiki 8 & 9 Hypothesis, Mentality
of a Condition, Conditions- Too Much vs. Lack of, Understand Your Patient,
Reiki 8 Symbol Graph Gon, Accessing the Cells of the organism and enabling
the new energy system from the Source, Reiki 8 Therapy, Guidelines.
Examples of Energy States & Thought Forms: Cells and Tissues- Cancer,
Skeletal System and Joins- Osteoporosis, Nervous System- Alzheimer’s,
Circulatory System- Plaques, Lymphatic System- Virus, Respiratory System-
Sinus Infection, Urinary System- Kidney Failure.

Lunch Break, 12:30-1:30pm

Initiations into REIKI 8- Graph Gon Practice

In this seminar, you’ll learn: 

  • anatomy of the human body;
  • advanced energy centers;
  • what is light and how to use it;
  • cell level therapy;
  • detailed steps to treat major conditions;
  • opening up new energy channels;
  • ancient knowledge of micro- and macro-cosmos; 
  • application of the universal principles; 
  • taming of ego, how to transform energies into positive;
  • self-realization and formula for happiness;
  • connect to your essence and manifest effectively;

Experience a major shift in your consciousness, understand how to better use Reiki and treat clients and life in general.


Fees: $ 350 + tax

Eight Degree DivineYu Reiki