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Healing through Yoga Mudras by Amrita Choudhury

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A compassionate approach to healing and good health.

Mudra Vigyan is the science of healing through Mudras (symbolic therapeutic hand positions) , each finger representing Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. Touching upon the hundreds of nerve endings which influence the whole body at a cellular and atomic level; this practice affects the body, mind & spirit of one’s being and aids in healing.

This workshop goes into the in-depth wisdom of ancient Yoga Mudras, Ritualistic, Therapeutic/Healing & Sacred dance mudras, and their therapeutic & healing usages.
In this workshop, Amrita Choudhury guides you through various hand mudras in combination with eye, breath techniques & excercises & visualization techniques which aid in various physical, emotional & spiritual healing. Theory, technique, breathwork, practice, movement, all are incorporated in this class series.

Mudra Vigyan has been a way of life for Amrita who specializes in Yoga mudras, Therapeutic, Sacred Dance Mudras & Ritual/Puja Mudras.

All are welcome, no experience necessary in any field.

Amrita Choudhury brings with her more than 30 years of international teaching experience.
Aside from mudras being part of her life since childhood, she has performed extensive research in the field of Mudras used in Sacred Movement/Dance, Yoga and Rituals/Pujas. These techniques have been part of her since a very young age; it is a part of her daily life & her regular teachings.
Amrita’s inspiration came from her grandfather who was a Tantric Shivaite priest & Yogi, who practiced this technique on an every day basis, her Dance & Yoga guru’s in India. She was also awarded a grant by the Canada &Quebec Council of Arts for her in-depth research related to Mudras & their significance use and practice; this was one of the segments of her more detailed research project with the ancient temple Yoginis & Yogis of East India.
No class of Amrita’s is without mudras, it is a way of life for her, it is the breath of life for her.
She is delighted to bring this workshop to all who would like to share in the wisdom, joy and healing practices of ancient India.

Please note that this is not a teachers training, it is a normal course like a yoga class, so you are welcome to use the techniques for yourselves, but please refrain from teaching others as you would require a proper training formation to acquire proper therapeutic and medicinal knowledge to do so.


Healing through Yoga Mudras by Amrita Choudhury