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Primordial Wisdom of Five Buddha Families Meditations

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There have been many beings who achieved Buddhahood in the past, and you can do it too. They all realized the primordial wisdom beyond consciousness. Connect with the five Buddha Families, learn mantras and mudras that call their wisdom, how to recognize them, and resolve inner obstacles to lead a more peaceful and happy life, and eventually end suffering and the karmic cycle.

Week 1
Ratna (Jewel) Family
Boddhisattva: Ratnapani with consort Mamaki
Element: earth
Color: gold, yellow
Position: south
Wisdom: equanimity, stability, sameness
In balance:  multiplying the riches and merit around us, in the spirit of appreciation and compassion, attract what is good without a pride trap
Antidote for greed and pride
Obstructive pattern: pride based on not being enough, sense of insecurity, arrogance
Season: autumn
Bija: Tram
Mantra: Om Ratnasambhava Tram
Mudra: mudra of giving, generosity, wish-fulfilling with a right hand, and holding a jewel in the left hand
Symbol: jewel
Vehicle: horse
Sense: smell
Embodies: compassion
Enriching, increasing, abundance, wealth, and fulfilling wishes

Week 2
Vajra Family
Boddhisattva: Vajrapani with consort Locana
Element: water
Color: blue
Position: east
Wisdom: reflection, mirror-like wisdom
In balance: purifying the perception of reality, pacifying the effect of emotions
Antidote for aggression, aversion, anger, hate
Obstructive pattern: hot anger like rage and cold anger like cunning
Season: winter
Bija: Hum
Mantra: Om Vajra Aksobhya Hum
Mudra: the right-hand touches the earth, and holding a vajra in the left hand
Symbol: vajra
Vehicle: elephant
Sense: sound
Embodies: steadfastness
Pacifying, accepting

Week 3
Padma (Lotus) Family
Boddhisattva: Avalokitesvara with consort Pandara
Element: fire
Color: red
Position: west
Wisdom: observation, discernment, all discriminating wisdom
In balance: discriminating love from attachment
Antidote for desire-attachment, selfishness, seduction
Obstructive pattern: perpetual grasping, desire for an object
Season: summer
Bija: Hrih
Mantra: Om Ami Dewa Hrih
Mudra:  meditation, yoga mudra, at the navel level, both hands facing up
Symbol: lotus
Vehicle: peacock
Sense: taste
Embodies: light

Week 4
Karma Family
Boddhisattva: Visvapani with consort Green Tara
Element: air / wind
Color: green
Position: north
Wisdom: perfect practice, all accomplishing wisdom
In balance: accomplishing what is meaningful
Antidote for jealousy and envy
Obstructive pattern: worrying about losing or not getting an object, comparing, an unhealthy ambition that leads to stress
Season: spring
Bija: Ah
Mantra: Om Amoghasiddhi Ah
Mudra:  pacification and protection, the right hand up facing the viewer, and holding double vajra in the left hand
Symbol: double vajra
Vehicle: garuda
Sense: touch
Embodies: dauntless
Protecting with fearlessness

Week 5
Buddha Family
Boddhisattva: Samantabhadra with consort Dharmadhatvishvari
Element: space
Color: white
Position: central
Wisdom: the essence of the Dharma, spaciousness
In balance: creating space for us and others to better express wisdom
Antidote for ignorance or delusion
Obstructive pattern: confusion, a lack of clarity, bewilderment
Bija: Om
Mantra: Om Vairocana Hum
Mudra: dharmachakra, turn the wheel of teaching, both hands at the chest level
Symbol: wheel
Vehicle: lion
Sense: sight
Embodies: sovereignty
Turning the wheel of dharma

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