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Third Degree On-line DivineYu Usui Reiki Seminar

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Become a Reiki Master!

Update: This class will be held in person and online.
Upon completion, you will receive a Third Degree Certificate in the DivineYu Usui system of Reiki from the DivineYu Academy.

In this course, you will learn:

  • the principles of third degree of Reiki;
  • the symbols of the third degree – Dai Koo Mio and Raku and their use;
  • the secret symbol of the third degree – UN CEPH and its use;
  • the techniques for group therapy and influencing large groups of people;
  • the techniques for activating and harmonizing the Sahasrara (the crown chakra);
  • the energy channel for surgery;
  • the vibration therapy technique;
  • the crystalline technique.

Fees: $250+tax.

Login link: https://spaces.zang.io/u/info@divineyu.com

Please, use your laptop or desktop connect to the Internet, open Chrome, login as a guest and click on Join Live Video Meeting, and click on Allow camera and audio.

If you would like to use your cell phone, please download first the Avaya Spaces application on your phone and create the Avaya Spaces login. Once you receive an email with a link, please, click on this link and Join Live Video Meeting, and click on Allow camera and audio.

If you have issues connecting, please call 514-999-9129.


Fees: $ 250 + tax

Third Degree On-live DivineYu Usui Reiki Seminar